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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
  Joss "Buffy" Whedon's Serenity Trailer

The trailer for Serenity is now up and I must say it looks pretty badass. "I aim to misbehave"...about time someone comes up with some unique quotable material. This looks like a pretty good flick. I never caught the show so I was never able to get wrapped up in these characters but I'm intrigued just by watching this trailer. I think the bigger budget was a boon to this universe. On TV it looked just alright. Now it looks pretty slick. The whole, "I don't murder children..", "well I do." is pretty, umm, not cool but, intense? Oh well check out the larger quicktime trailer here...I only linked to large since that the only way to go. Full screen is just a pain.
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