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Friday, April 08, 2005
  Games: Microsoft linked to
Remember when J Allard did his presentation at GDC and he had some screenshots of what Xbox live is going to look like? The gamer profile he had up was a picture of him wearing a shirt with an ant logo on it, pretty much the same ant you see at the our colony website. Now it's pretty much official the Microsoft is linked to the site so it has to do with the next xbox since when J Allard did his presentation that site didn't even exist yet. Good to know but now I hope people will focus on playing the game itself. Alternative Reality Games (if this is really even one or just an elaborate team vs team game) are so kewl because of the whole supension of belief thing and the fact that this seems to be real life. There not meant to be over analyzed, just played. That said the ARG should be well crafted enough so that it would be very hard for anyone to find any evidence of it not being real. see the picshere
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