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Friday, April 22, 2005
  Forced hibernation (suspended animation) could be beginnings of space travel
Mark Roth and his team at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, have successfully put some lab mice into a state of suspended animation by basically forcing hibernation by exposing them to the oh-so-smelly hydrogen sulphide. Essentially putting the oxygen needing functions in their cells on pause. After 20 minutes the mice were revived by freah air with no ill effects. While in this deep sleep, their metabolic rates dropped by 90% and their bobdy tempreatures dropped from 37 degress celcius to 15 degrees celcius. This is huge. It's a step of sorts toward long interstellar flights. Possibly enabling astronauts (and probably commerical space travellers) to sleep for long periods of time without worrying about needing oxygen. I can see the first time this is tested on humans, "Alright, who did it? Who let it rip? Seriously guys, that is the last thing I want to smell before we.....*thud*...*snore*". Awsome. More details here.
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