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Saturday, April 02, 2005
  Ding, Ding!!! Sony PSP vs. Nintendo DS...Fight!

IGN has an article comparing the 2 latest hipster gaming hanhelds that are all the rage these days. It basically comes down to a near draw but I am personally have more hope for the DS. They seem more like the underdog at this point. The PSP seems more likely to be more popular since the graphics seem to be better and there's just so much it can do, the whole play mp3s-movies-browse-the-web-make-coffee-walk-your-dog thing it has going for it. I think I would want to spring for a PSP first but the kids would want the wireless mario kart experience so I would break and get the DS instead. The DS seems more the type to tuck my kids into bed after reading them a book and helping them brush their teeth while the PSP seems more inclined to encourage my kids to sneak out at night to go joyriding and pester the elderly. My kids are 4, 1 and 18 days old. Yeah, bad bad naughty PSP . Shame on you.Posted by Hello
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