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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
  Cell Phone: Motorola iRadio is icoming isoon
Seems like people are in love with the little i nowandays so I going to try to incorporate it more into the site so I can be cool too. Anyways, a Gizmodder was apprently at the music dc policy conference and heard a Motorola rep talking about their iRadio service to possibly be introduced next week. It's going to be a subscription based service ($4-$6 a month) which will enable users to basically download a group of songs to their pc and then transfer to a playback device which will in turn stream stero audio to the users device of choice over USB 1.1. It sounds like it'll be heavily protected but I'm sure it'll be eventually cracked or worked around. Color me intrigued. check out the Gizmodo post here
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