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Sunday, April 03, 2005
  Games: next-gen xbox MMO FPS details, xbox360 players vs PC players!!!
Wholiee cow, 5,000 player battles possible on the next-gen xbox? AND the developers are using the Unreal 3 engine? Cot dang, this game sounds liike it's going to be fast, beautiful and one hell of a good time. The best part is we could be hearing more about Huxley sooner rather than later, in the interview Kijong states " This winter, players will be able to have the chance to see the game and tell us if the features are innovative and creative." Does this hint towards the Xenon-xbox 360 release date? Hard to say. Summer 2006 is the proposed release for Huxley, there might even be some xbox vs pc playing going on. The ability to buy a console game and play players from other consoles would be rad but the game would have to be downright fun to gather a huge audience and make you feel good for being a part in the huge wheel of next-gen innovation. Good time to be alive indeed. Huxley Interview - Xbox
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